Pakpapir strip / Belgrade Exhibition


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Chimère & furniture


Nice glow, dude —

Do you remember this strange bird? I eventually dyed it with walnut stain, added some white and gray acryl paint and polished the whole table top with a wax of my own making.

Vous souvenez-vous de ce drôle d’oiseau ? Je l’ai enfin teinté au brou de noix, ai ajouté des aplats de peinture acrylique blanche et grise, et j’ai ciré le plateau de la table avec un encaustique de ma fabrication.

monsieur oiseau

Before the changeover — avant la métamorphose


Work in progress


Rustic “encaustique”: 1/3 beeswax from your honeybees, 1/3 turpentine, 1/3 linseed oil — makes for a great furniture polish


I also used this polish to wax a frame.


J’ai aussi utilisé cet encaustique pour cirer un cadre.

Ornamental stripe

A short and unexpected “seasonal” update before leaving for French Guiana where I will spend Christmas: here I am posting some ornamental work I did this past November to decorate a bedroom. Exotic heliconia and scarlet ibis in fresco technique — it involved mixing lime, mineral & chemical pigments and egg yolk.

Merry Christmas to you all! IMG_1922 IMG_1923IMG_1935 IMG_1928 IMG_1945 IMG_1950IMG_1959 IMG_1952