Pakpapir strip / Belgrade Exhibition


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Shadow Theater

0PbXGKopfkino-bannerIMG_4895kopfkino otaru

Taking a shortcut in the center of Belgrade;

having a walk on a hill overlooking the cityscape of Sapporo;

sauntering idly through Eagle Rock; or

arriving after dusk at Enoteca Picone in Palermo

a window catches my eye

impromptu shadow theater

                                     *  ✻  *

En prenant un raccourci dans le centre-ville de Belgrade

en me promenant sur les hauteurs de Sapporo

en flânant sans raison dans le dédale des rues d’Eagle Rock ou

en arrivant à l’Enoteca Picone de Palerme

(après le crépuscule)

une fenêtre accroche mon regard

— théâtre d’ombres impromptu


The Zemun Cycle of Silkscreened Graphics

Last summer, my friends Johanna Marcadé and Bruno Tolić, organizers of Novo Doba festival, helped me produce this silkscreened poster, a portrait of singer Valerie June, at their Zemun studio, near Belgrade. —  As Bruno put it, “This is yet the beginning of a great cycle…” (I hope so.)

L’été dernier, mes amis Johanna Marcadé et Bruno Tolić, organisateurs du festival Novo Doba, m’ont aidée à produire cette affiche, un portrait en sérigraphie de la chanteuse Valerie June, à leur atelier à Zemun, près de Belgrade. — Comme l’a dit Bruno, “C’est seulement le début d’un grand cycle…” (j’espère bien.)

Check out what they are up to:

Doing Performance Art History. Conference Scrapbook


Further sketches and drawings from the conference at:

Plus d’esquisses et de dessins de la conférence sur :

Trying to Figure Out — Conversation with Lia Perjovschi, Oct 12

joint effort — diagram by Lia Perjovschi, portraits by Nastasia Louveau

Starting from Lia Perjovschi’s early performance work of the 1980’s and scrutinizing how it relates to her current artistic practice of opening new spaces of knowledge and re-organizing those spaces, Louveau & Perjovschi want to propose a conversation about performance art, the connection of art and research, and different approaches to filling gaps with art, thus shortcutting 30 years of artistic practice and its context from communism to capitalism, from the local to the global art scene.

Artist Talk with Lia Perjovschi on Wednesday, Oct 12, 2016, 8pm

Organizer: ERC research project “Performance Art in Eastern Europe (1950-1990): History & Theory”

Host: Corner College, Kochstrasse 1, 8004 Zürich